Celebrating Elkford ​Magazine

The Board of Directors of the Elkford Chamber of Commerce are excited to release the news of the Celebrating Elkford Magazine! This first edition magazine was put together to help current and new residents of Elkford know what is going on in the town with events, have an easy way to locate their favorite businesses through the directory and see what else Elkford has to offer for business, tourism, and non-profit organizations.

Celebrating Elkford Magazine

“The Celebrating Elkford magazine came to fruition when moving here in 2017 and having a hard time finding different businesses and organizations either online or through our downtown core. Talking with other newcomers to Elkford, they all had the same difficulties. I knew this magazine would be important to help businesses reach residents as well for current and new residents to be able to navigate their way in Elkford easier. There are so many hidden gems here in Elkford for business and pleasure”, says Shawna Bryant Board of Director with the Elkford Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Elk Valley Economic Initiative.

The Celebrating Elkford magazine will be released at the April 22 2022 Elkford Chamber of Commerce AGM, happening at 6pm at Mountain Meadows Golf Course for members and businesses interested in becoming members of the Elkford Chamber with an RSVP. After the AGM, the magazine will be sent out to all businesses and residents with a PO Box in Elkford and will be available at select Chamber member businesses for anyone to stop by and pick up a copy. The Elkford Chamber hopes to be able to fund this project each year to have information readily available to the people of Elkford and to support shopping locally at Elkford’s businesses. This is one of the many steps the Elkford Chamber is taking to grow business through economic development and investor retention.