Starting A Business

We want to help encourage entrepreneurs on how to start up a business. Below are steps, information and resources that will help you start up your own business! 


Key Steps for Launching Your Business


Step 1: Develop a Comprehensive Business Plan

Crafting a solid business plan is essential for laying the foundation of your enterprise. This blueprint evolves over time, guiding your business's growth and changes. It serves as a vital tool to assess your business idea's feasibility during the market analysis and competitive analysis phases.


Click HERE for a sample business plan structure


Step 2: Select Your Business Structure

In Canada, businesses can register under three primary ownership structures, each with distinct features:


Step 3: Obtain Business Licenses & Permits

Ensure legal compliance by securing the necessary licenses and permits within your municipality. Different locations may require separate licenses, even for daily operations. Discover your obligations through BizPaL for comprehensive guidance.

Get your District of Elkford Business License HERE

Read the District of Elkford Business License Brochure HERE

District of Elkford

PO Box 340

744 Fording Drive

Elkford BC V0B 1H0



Step 4: Registering for GST/HST

Businesses earning over $30,000 annually need to register for GST/HST through the Government of Canada. Understand the process and requirements for GST registration, ensuring access to Input Tax Credits. Some provinces may necessitate PST registration.

Learn how to get a GST Number in Canada HERE


Step 5: Business Insurance & Legal Considerations

Protect your business and personal assets by evaluating suitable insurance coverage. Seek legal counsel to comprehend liabilities, contracts, and essential legalities for seamless operations.


Step 6: Secure Funding & Establish Banking

Explore financing options for your startup costs. Whether through personal funds, debt financing, or government grants, align your financial strategy with your business plan. Open a dedicated business bank account and consider accounting software like QuickBooks for streamlined financial management.

Get Financing Information HERE

Get Grant Information HERE


Step 7: Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Execute the marketing plan outlined in your business strategy. Set targeted goals and strategies to ensure a successful business launch.

Learn how to create your Marketing Plan HERE


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