The Volunteer of the Year Bursary Program is brought to you by Bearspaw Contracting partnered with the Elkford Chamber to recognize our outstanding non profit groups and organizations in Elkford that are dedicated to making our community a great place to live by providing programs, events and volunteering their time. The bursary program supports organizations and groups in Elkford in achieving their funding goals by awarding one or more group with up to $1000. Applications are reviewed and chosen by our previous years winning recipient of the Elkford Chambers Volunteer of the Year award presented at the Business Awards.
The Elkford Chamber of Commerce with the District of Elkford conduct Business Walks each year in February. Business walks are a great value and opportunity for local representatives and leaders within your area to connect with businesses either in a face to face or over the phone informal interview way. The focus on conducting business walks in your area are to help target key information and actions needed.
Business walks help to build the economic stimulus in the area and provide information on how businesses and organizations are currently operating while being able to communicate about concerns and needed action plans from the Chamber of Commerce.
The Elkford Clean Up program is a community initiative to keep our community, pathways and surrounding parks and nature free of environmental debris and waste. The Clean Up program is a seasonal program running from May-September of each year. We offer incentives to community members to help keep these areas clean through our gift certificate program, which also helps local businesses in Elkford. Each year we have designated Clean Up days and areas for groups in the community or businesses to tackle. The area range for our beautiful mountain community clean up program is from 7 Mile to Round Prairie.
The Elkford Chamber offers members the opportunity to partake in learning programs, workshops, online webinars and more each year! Our goal as business advocates for our community is to offer quality learning and training programs that fit the needs of businesses, organizations and their staff.
Elkford, BC Shop Local Sponsors
Shop Local Elkford was created to support businesses and organizations in Elkford to provide their services and products to the community. The Facebook page also acts as a connecting point for community members to find local services and products. With many businesses in Elkford being Small Home Based with no retail location, we wanted to provide a one stop place for businesses, organizations and the community.